In my practice, confidentiality always comes first.

So the below testimonials will only have the initial letter of my client’s names to protect their confidentiality.


I was struggling with my time management, which was draining me greatly, so I turned to Mariana for help.

She listened attentively to my struggles and came up with a plan with practical steps for me to follow.

Thanks to her guidance, I was able to make some changes that put me on the right track.

She also helped me to see things in a more positive light which was a big game-changer!

Mariana is a kind, empathetic and very supportive coach and I would recommend her to anyone!


Mariana is an excellent life coach! She’s very practical in the questions she asks and how she uses her broad knowledge to help you help yourself! 🙂

I found that from our sessions together, I became more self-aware and was surprised to come up with my own good solutions during discussions, to overcome some hurdles that I kept hitting my head against the wall about.

The simple wisdom she shares in sessions is invaluable, she’s in your corner and in every session it felt like I was making progress.


I started coaching sessions with Mariana during a period of big changes when I was feeling overwhelmed.

In just a few short months, Mariana helped me set realistic goals and clarify what I was working towards.

Even at my busiest, I was looking forward to our weekly sessions, as they allowed me to implement changes in my personal and work life that have had a great impact on my sense of calm.

She’s an incredible coach!


I thought our sessions would be more about how to organize my day but they ended up becoming more about the mind shifts.

Our sessions helped me discover it is ok just to have 2 things in the morning and in the evening. For exercising, it was a big thing for me to realize I want to do it in the morning.

I became aware of how I like things simple and achievable.

I started being really easy on myself an more in tune with how I feel. So, I started listing what I want to do and if it is too much, I am now, removing things.
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