Tiny moments of joy

Have you ever asked yourself, how can you find more joy in your life as an expat?

Have you ever felt like you want more out of your life as an expat?

I know I have…

I wanted to feel more relaxed, I wanted to feel more at home, I wanted to find my people… I wanted to simply be happy no matter where I chose to live

And you know what?

Sometimes we are the ones postponing joy. We are the ones postponing the life we truly want to live.

We tell ourselves that right now there is too much to do.

And I have been there.

Just thinking to myself I needed to organize everything and I never truly letting myself see and feel tiny moments of joy or even create them on purpose.

Because you know, the truth is, even though some emotions will come up and they won’t feel great, we can create moments that give us the emotions we are looking for.

We can meditate to feel calmer.
We can read to feel relaxed.
We can listen to happy songs to feel more joy.
We can even listen to sad songs when we feel like we simply need to cry.

The thing is we often forget about this.

We forget about being intentional with our lives. But what would it look like if you were intentional with your life?

What would it look like if today you decided to have more joy every single day?

What would be something you could do 5 minutes to have more joy?

And if you are going through an overwhelming transition in your life as an expat and you want to belong to a supportive community, join our community!

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