Who are you?

You can find your people and I am here to show you how to do it
Let’s start with who you truly are. 

That is the first step!

How well do you know yourself?

Many times, on our journeys as expats, on this crazy ride of moving countries, making friends, of dealing with every single thing that comes our way, we start becoming overwhelmed and all we want is to have someone who is there for us.To find our people. 

And, I could be here telling you that to find your people, you simply need to go to events and talk to everyone and just go out with everyone.

But how will you know if they truly are your people?Someone that you can be unapolegitacally yourself with?Someone that accepts you for who you truly are?Someone with whom you don’t have to pretend to be someone that you are not.

The first step is actually getting to know yourself better.We are so busy dealing with everything that sometimes we forget to ask ourselves what is it that I truly want? What matters to me?

So, let’s do a small exercise.Grab a paper and a pen or your tablet/laptop/phone and complete the following:I identify as a ______My friends would say I am a ____ kind of person.I appreciate it when people recognize me as ____Being a _____ kind of person matters to me.

Now choose the one that feels LEAST important right now. Cross it out.Keep on eliminating until you are left with only ONE.

Now, that you know more who you identify as and who you want to identify as, the goal is to look for people that you feel this way, that you feel you can bring out this identity with.

And the more aware you are of this, the easier it will be to recognize people with whom you feel that you can truly be yourself around.

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